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This page is dedicated to idiots, lamers & kids who run around on IRCnet.
And ofcourse Me, and my skills as a comedian and a mocker of stupid people.

As many of you may know, IRCnet is infested with people who seem to have nothing to do but bothering other users. I've collected some logs here in which you can see all sorts of activity, that on other networks would be considered a joke of some kind.
Unfortunately, the things I'm about to reveal are not jokes, but actual logs recorded by me. To anyone not familiar with IRCnet's current state this might seem like a hoax, but its actually very common on IRCnet, due to the fact that several IRCops on IRCnet are rather semi-serious, and don't really give a fuck what takes place on the network they're running.

Logs from IRCnet

sC gets 0wn3d - As one of the lamest wargroups in the history of IRCnet, sC gets 0wn3d all the time. However, their stupid leader always refuses the fact that all they're good at is getting 0wn3d. Pretty pathetic, I'd say.

duvinh strikes again - I've been on IRCnet almost 3 years now, and in the alltime top-10 of stupid fuckers this guy is definitely holding one of the highest ranks. He's a parasite, originally from Vietnam, who now lives fat with Finnish taxpayer's money, and all he really spends his time to is harrassing the people who pay his *insert anything here*. This is when he tried to collide ops from #Turku.

Shit-for-brains Cartagia - This guy is a real piece of work. He accused me for taking over his channel, (which is just another thing he uses to keep his virtual pecker fine and dandy.) for a reason he never revealed. He gave me a load of bullshit and threatened to sue me (hahahaha). Naturally I requested to know what evidence he had against me, but he never came up with anything (and that would've been a real trick too, as I did nothing). He did say I'll see the evidence when I get the summon... I'm still waiting. :) After getting frustrated with my ignorant attitude for his "I'll sue you, you're going to jail!!!"-talk, he gave up, and collided me and my screen. Neat, huh?

Dicklord boasting - What you see here happens quite often on IRCnet's channel #Eu-Opers. It is pretty much the place to which all the piles of shit fall down to.

Logs of my activity

Me Speako Los Espanjol - I have proved it is possible to speak spanish without actually knowing any of it. Watch and learn.

#japan - Similar to the one above, this was when I put my japanese skills to the ultimate test. Konichiwa Toyota!

Christy - Automatic compliments by a spammer. At least someone likes my appearance ;)

#Village - Me and my pal Menoth set forth to pillage and plunder.

Heil Siitoin! - This didn't actually happen on IRC, but who gives a shit, as long as I get to insult that sucker :)

Mämmiä - SpeisTook the businessman.

Rain^Godess - And I quote: "iam is iam". This idiot is truly something.

Tiltti 1 - Sometimes ur just too tired to be serious.

More to come as soon as I feel like adding stuff