Adolf: WASSSSUUUUUUPPPP?!?!?!!111111

Adolf: I may be short but I can still look really evil.

Heinrich: You look a little jewish.
Adolf: Fuck you.

Adolf: Who be stealing me weed?! It's gotta be the jews again!

Adolf: That guy threw a damn tomato at me! What a fucking jew.

Adolf: Yeah, I know I look unhappy. I glued my fist to my side and it's starting to sting. Stupid jewish glue.

Rudolf: Oh man, I just went number one in my pants.
Adolf: That makes two of us.

Adolf: Hey dudes, check it out. A blimp!

Adolf: Gimme five!

Adolf: That guy is gonna fuck up, I know it. The Duke my ass.

Adolf: Cool, you guys got me porn.

Adolf: She had titties this big, I'm telling ya!

Adolf: You're serious with that hat, huh?
Spanish guy: ¿Qué?
Adolf: You goddamn retard. You're probably jewish. Just look at your damn nose!
Spanish guy: ¿Qué?
Adolf: Get this fuckwit away from me.

Adolf: Stop calling me a jew! Shit!